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Helium Bouquet

Priced Per Balloon-- $25 Minimum 

(Picked up in Central/West Port Angeles)

Don't have the budget, or the time to wait for a garland? This is a super easy and traditional way to celebrate a birthday and is a much quicker turn around than our other services! A great perk of working with us, is the access you get to our top notch quality and color collection of latex balloons. Offering a small variety of 18 inch mylar balloons as well as 50+ latex choices. 

Add the Birthday age in foil balloons for a high end look, with big impact!

Bouquets will come equipped with clip at the bottom, be sure to attach it to something so it doesn't fly away!

Pick-Up in Port Angeles

(Delivery available based on Scheduling)

Also available in addition to a delivered balloon garland.

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk, inhaling helium is not safe!

Helium is sensitive to temperatures. Avoid cold, and direct sunlight for best results. 

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