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Base Price $245

Set-Up/Delivery in Central Port Angeles $35

(Far East/ West PA, Sequim+ Beyond Extra)

These are perfect for weddings, large events, or those looking to host a premiere birthday party!12 feet+. Includes a variety of 5,9,11,18, 24 and 36 inch high quality latex balloons. Completely customizable to meet your specific vision. Specialty marbled or printed, chrome, confetti etc. available for additional cost.

These can be set up a day or more prior to your event, and will still look fresh! They can last up to weeks/months afterwards when left indoors, and can be relocated/ reused. I have seen customers use them for multiple events, and even gifted to friends for even more use! 

I will deliver and set up this already made balloon garland to the location of your event. Set up takes approx 1-1.5 hours. I do not return to take down, or clean up. I use command strips, or pre existing structures, nails, etc. to hang.

-Extra length is always an option! $15/ft after the first 12 feet. Can also add extra length to fit your space on the day of event if needed. Additional cost due upon set-up.

-Faux or fresh florals/greenery and foil balloons available for additional cost.

(Price reflected in first photo).

-Looking for a precise color match for your event? Double layered balloons can give you the deep+ rich, or pastel+matte colors you’re looking for. The combination of two layers of balloons can create unique colors with precise undertones to make a perfect match to your color palette. Twice the balloons, and the added work time makes it a less budget friendly option; but they are absolute show stoppers, and perfect for higher end events and weddings. 

-Less than 2 weeks advance notice is considered a rush order and a $20 fee will be added to your order 

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